At Education Resource Strategies, I write on topics such as strategic talent management, funding policy, and school design. My greatest interests in education reform are in teacher preparation, development, and career path.

In the summer of 2011, I participated in News21, a project of the Carnegie-Knight Foundation to promote innovation in journalism. Along with about 15 alumni of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, we focused on the topic of aging in America, looking at everything from caregiving, to the aging workforce, to senior housing. I also did a short internship with MetroFocus at WNET in New York.

Education Resource Strategies

Yes, Pay Teachers More. But States, Districts, and Schools Must Use Resource Strategically If Educators And Students Are to Thrive (April 2018)
The 74
Written on behalf of/ with Karen Hawley Miles

Finding Time for Collaborative Planning (Jan 2018)
Education Resource Strategies
With David Rosenberg and Rob Daigneau

To Drive Change, Realign Your Resources (June 2017)
Educational Leadership Magazine
with Karen Hawley Miles

Building a Talent Decision Map (Oct 2016)
Education Resource Strategies
with Karen Hawley Miles and Chris Lewis

Widening the View: Proposals to Push California’s LCFF from Revolutionary to Transformational (May 2016)
Education Resource Strategies
with Stephen Frank

School Districts Have the Opportunity to Build Their Dream House (July 1, 2015)
with Karen Baroody


News21 Website

Forbes.com: Family Caregivers

I wrote the text that accompanied each video in the series, published in Aug. 2011

The Washington Post

MetroFocus/ WNET NYC



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